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qing, b. I. Arch, spring 2018

A seemingly obsolete post office is re-purposed and turned into a wedding boutique hotel. It leads the old into the new with an emphasis on catering to young, modern lifestyles.

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thesis, Chuxin zhang M. I. Arch, Spring 2018

“I intend to create a workplace with a variety of choices of work environments and amenities to fulfill employee’s physical and mental needs in order to feel engaged and happy at work.” -Chuxin

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thesis, Kseniia lukina M. I. Arch, fall 2018

The once revered Orpheum Theatre was the home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, a centerpiece for vaudeville, and the first movie palace, but now fades away into a dead end street in Downtown Boston. This project intends to bring the Orpheum back to life as a social hub putting the theatre on the list of the most popular cultural places in Boston.