You may have noticed a set of these blue postcards located on the first floors of our 320 Newbury and 951 Boylston street buildings. These PostLoft postcards were created for a very simple reason: to collect thoughts on current exploration at the BAC. With a wide range of departments offering a multitude of different courses across Architecture, Landscape, Interior, Design Studies, and Liberal Studies, the BAC is packed with projects that deal with all sorts of exploration and experiments. 

Over the course of the Spring 2018 semester, 91 postcards were received with fascinating responses. We hope to continue to ask questions, and hear from you as well! Here is how:

Step 1. Take a PostLoft postcard located by the first floor security desks on 320 Newbury and 961 Boylston Street buildings

Step 2. Fill it out. Tell us what you are currently exploring!

Step 3. Drop it in one of our PostLoft mailboxes, located right next to where you find the postcard